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Pam Murakami

Memories, Spirits and Heroes

Selected Past Exhibitions

Selected Past Exhibitions 1976 – 2021

1976 – 1985

  • Evidence: Contemporary and Historical Objects. Carl Andre, Joseph Beuys, Bronzes of Ancient China, Mexican Santo Figures and Terry Fox,
    Orange Crate Labels
  • Edward Weston, photographs
  • Matisse. The Jazz Suite
  • Mexican Folk Retablos
  • Bolivian Weavings
  • Tibetan Thangkas
  • Michael Arntz, ceramics
  • Helen Escobedo, installation
  • Children’s Art; The Natural Abstraction, curated by David Ligare
  • Ed Forde, ceramics
  • Derik Van Beers, mixed media
  • Imogen Cunningham, After 90, photographs
  • Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco, drawings and prints from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  • Alex Katz, Rush, an installation of cut-outs
  • Quilts and Handwork from New England, 1800- 1930
  • Four Bay Area Artists: Donald Bradford, Gary Richmond, Brian Wall, Russell T. Gordon
  • Claes Oldenburg, studies and models for Hat in Three Stages of Landing,
  • Mexican Dance Masks from Private Collections
  • Jose Luis Cuevas, Illustrated Letters
  • Jonathan Bayer, photographs
  • Penny Arntz: Woven Forms ,
  • Gertrude Bleiburg, drawings and paintings
  • Lee Wolcott, silver jewelry
  • Jim Alfred, paintings
  • Barbara Blondeau, photographs
  • Christo and Jean-Claude, Wrapped Coast
  • Charles M. Russell and Frederick Remington, works from the Louise M. Davies Collection
  • Six Artists; Six Concepts, mixed media
  • Marion Post Wolcott: New Works and Selections from the FSA, photographs
  • Walker Evans: A Penetrating Vision, photographs

1985 – 1995

  • FSA photographs
  • Phil Cerney, recent ceramics
  • Mimi Niesen Fabrications
  • Russian Lacquer Boxes
  • Chinese Blue and White Porcelain from the Al Schoepf Collection
  • Lonnie J. Johnson, ceramic sculpture
  • Ching Dynasty Monochrome Porcelain from the Nelson-Atkins Museum
  • Netsuke from the Mrs. Leslie Fenton Collection
  • Huichol Indian Artifacts from the Virginia Baacher Collection
  • Netsuke and Ikebana
  • Horace Bristol, photographs
  • Bruce Newell, sculpture
  • Leo Amyx, Early and Late, paintings
  • Brett Weston, photographs

1995 – 2005

  • 19th and early 20th Century American Pottery from the Eastern United States
  • Laurie and Doug Henning, ceramic sculpture
  • Howard Fenton, paintings
  • Claes Oldenburg; studies and models for Hat in Three Stages of Landing
  • Molas from San Blas Island
  • Recent gifts to the Collection: Drawings and Prints by John Wardman
  • Lonnie J. Johnson Memorial exhibition
  • George Fiske: 19th Century Views of the Yosemite Valley, photographs
  • Ed Ramos, paintings and sculpture
  • Richard Green and Dorian Jon-Hanner, Still Moments in Time, photographs
  • Dance of the Brush, Chinese paintings, curated by Joan Lam
  • Jim Kasson, photographs of the Salinas Valley
  • John Haley, Form and Space, Selections and Gifts from the John Haley Trust
  • Beatrice Wood, ceramics

2005 – 2021

  • Fleeting Glances; Light Atmosphere and Landscape, paintings from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries
  • David Tomb, paintings and drawings from the John S. Knudsen collection
  • Thick Paint/ Thin Paint, Variations in the Painted Surface by California Artists
  • Japanese Blue and White Porcelain from the Schoepf-Seymour Collection
  • Toshiko Takaezu; Echoes of the Earth, ceramics from the Crocker Museum, Sacramento, CA
  • Walter Snelgrove, paintings
  • David Ligare, Primary Structures
  • Chinese Scrolls from the Dr Irving Stuart Collection
  • Jim Kasson, Night Hawks, photographs
  • Kipp Stewart, Paintings and Designs
  • Winter Reflections in Chinese Painting, curated by Joan Lam
  • Lesha Maria Rodriguez, Oaxaca, 2006 – 2019
  • Le Joe (Joe Angel), Celebrating his year-long artist-in-residence at the Alisal Center for the Fine Arts

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