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Fleeting Glances: Atmosphere, Landscape and Light

06 Feb 2006 - 09 Mar 2006

Paintings for the 19th,  20th & 21st Centuries

In a continuing series of exhibitions that explore major themes in European and American painting, Fleeting Glances: Atmosphere, Landscape, Light, presented over forty examples that deal with depictions drawn from the natural world. The transitory effects of light and the rich color possibilities of natural forms became a staple of the 19th century Impressionist artists. Many artists showed pristine views of landscape subjects, but others included marks of human interaction with the land. Scenes of harvesting, plowing, and farm life are rendered by both European and American artists

Soon American artists were absorbing Impressionist technique and subject matter. Colonies of artists formed, first on the east coast in settlements like Old Lyme, Connecticut. Quickly these ideas spread to California where artists turned their attention to the beauty of the hills surrounding Laguna Beach, San Francisco and most particularly Monterey County. The exhibition was especially strong in works from these important American artist colonies. Contemporary artists continue to refine elements of these tradition by closely focusing on pure color and the effects of light.

These works are courtesy of a private Monterey CA. collection

  • Date: 06 Feb 2006 - 09 Mar 2006
  • Location:Salinas, CA

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