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Student Show 2023

01 May 2023 - 11 May 2023
Installation view
To conclude the 2022-23 academic year, the Hartnell College Gallery is pleased to present selections from class projects done by students in the art program. Assignments explore wide combinations of goals. Besides technical proficiency, students are encouraged to use personal and cultural elements in these works. These range from ancient Japanese bell forms to small ordinary objects of personal significance or portraits of significant individual to the student.

Entrance Installation

Entrance Installation


Jordan Russell

Felix Huynh

 Felix is my
significant other. This portrait is a love letter, a thank you, and a promise
to him. He’s been there for me in so many ways and I promise to be there for


Monzerrat Aguado

The Head of the Virgin

Master copy of The Head of the Virgin by Leonardo da Vinci.


Adrian Baez Magana

Extraordinary Ordinary Objects


The three objects
that I cannot live without.


Aaliyah Battle

Tilted Lamp

Although the lamp shade it tilted, it protects us from the intense light, which represents the imperfect in our world. It still keeps us safe.

Doreen Remer



Jared Ikeda

“Dotaku Bell with Family Crest”


Tessa Currah

“Japanese Sushi Plate”



Shekinah Sims (Kiki)

of Light”



Daisy Amaya



Hayden J. Nielsen

“Ira the Bunny”


  • Date: 01 May 2023 - 11 May 2023
  • Location:Salinas CA
  • Curators:Hartnell College

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